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“What to know, do and say to be safe” [BOOK TRAILER]

Watch the trailer for the new book from IM-SAFE Publishing: Click here to buy the book now!

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Michael Oberther Meets With IM-SAFE’s Dennis Golden

Michael Oberther of Client Cycle Marketing shares critically important business skills he has learned by talking to successful small business networking group entrepreneurs. Michael recently met with Dennis Golden, Executive Director of the IM-SAFE Institute, a non-profit that is focused on helping women keep themselves and their families safe. Dennis and his business partner Jennifer G. Lownik are the authors of “What To Know Do And Say To Be Safe: A Woman’s Guide To Personal Safety“. Dennis shared his secret to adding value to the relationships he has built while networking for IM-SAFE. Watch the video here:

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Safety for Women in Workplace Environments [PODCAST]

The mind is the most powerful tool to protect oneself. This week’s guest for Impact Teams Radio show is Dennis E. Golden — the CEO of IM-SAFE, and he talks about personal safety for women in workplace environments. He stresses that women are more prone to danger than men. This inspired him to focus his efforts on teaching and training women how to handle potentially dangerous situations. As a certified personal security specialist, he uses his leadership training experience in equipping and empowering women with ways on how to properly prevent and react to workplace violence, corporate bullying, verbal abuse, […]

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