About Us
Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe℠

IM-SAFE®, LLC is a training and education firm specializing in personal safety and personal defense seminars and workshops. Private groups, corporations and associations concerned about employee or member safety both in and out of the workplace turn to IM-SAFE® for realistic solutions.

IM-SAFE® Institute, Inc.

The IM-SAFE® Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to the task of empowering women with limited financial resources who have been the victims of sexual assault, harassment, or domestic violence.

To this end the Institute provides free hands on workshops and seminars that show women a range of methods to prevent and properly react to potential or actual acts of violence in urban, suburban and rural communities. The Institute also offers free personal safety seminars to women of limited means who have been the target of workplace bullying or acts of violence in the workplace.

THE INSTITUTE ALSO OFFERS FREE ACCESS TO THE Forum, an on-line community where women can share experiences, with other members and participate in discussions, blogs and more on women’s personal safety.

The Institute has worked with the State of Connecticut and its prison resettlement program as well as other community outreach programs and women’s special interest groups.