Dennis E. Golden
“At the end of every day I want
 women and those they love, able
 to tell their loved ones IM-SAFE.”

Chief Executive Officer, IM-SAFE® LLC

Dennis E. GoldenIM-SAFE® was founded by Dennis Golden in 1995. His inspiration is a compelling recollection of an afternoon on a New York City subway. The incident left Dennis with first-hand knowledge of how critical it is to be aware, be prepared and able to conquer fear. While men can fall victim to crime, Dennis realized women of all ages are targeted more often than men. All women including professional women and those between the ages of 15 and 50 face the greatest risks.

As a certified personal security specialist, Dennis travels nationally and internationally, as a professional member of the National Speakers Association he offers programs, keynote addresses and workshops on the topic of personal safety for women. Thousands of women have attended 90-minute workshops offered by IM-SAFE®.

Programs include Preventing and Reacting to Workplace Violence, Verbal Defense, Travel Safety, Street Smarts, Dating Safety, Campus Safety and Girls Strike Back®, a woman’s self defense approach. Dennis and his team routinely work with associations and industries such as pharmaceutical sales, entertainment, nursing, media, travel and real estate.