Jennifer G. Lownik
“When you are prepared and aware,
 you conquer fear. That’s something
 I’m passionate about!”

Executive Vice President, IM-SAFE® LLC

Jennifer G. LownikJennifer Lownik is a certified self-defense instructor and personal security specialist. She joined IM-SAFE® as Executive Vice President in 2006. Her inspiration came from personal life-changing events that she now shares with her audiences nationwide. Having spent more than a decade working with women and victims of assault, it was clear that women often did not take the time away from their careers or family to learn a life-saving skill. A new approach was needed. Today, our workshops meet the needs of professional women, in addition to those with limited time or resources.

The mission of IM-SAFE® is simple — “Keeping Women and Those They Love Safe℠”. In 90 minutes, women learn how to use whit, voice and, if necessary, physical force to survive a life and death situation. Workshops are realistic and don’t require years of training or the investment of thousands of dollars.

Jennifer’s community vision is also the force behind the formation of the IM-SAFE® Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to training victims of assault and those with limited financial means.