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Sexual Assault – Reduce Your Odds

At IM-SAFE we have long stressed the importance of building a woman’s self-confidence by teaching a combination of critical verbal resistance skills along with last resort physical techniques. The following study provides additional insight University of Oregon sociologist Jocelyn Hollander designed a study that looked at the outcomes for 117 college students who took a self-defense course at their university, versus a control group of 169 students who did not. Out of all of those students, 75 from the original group and 108 from the control group agreed to take part in a follow-up interview. Although the study was not […]

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“What to know, do and say to be safe” [BOOK TRAILER]

Watch the trailer for the new book from IM-SAFE Publishing: Click here to buy the book now!

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Michael Oberther Meets With IM-SAFE’s Dennis Golden

Michael Oberther of Client Cycle Marketing shares critically important business skills he has learned by talking to successful small business networking group entrepreneurs. Michael recently met with Dennis Golden, Executive Director of the IM-SAFE Institute, a non-profit that is focused on helping women keep themselves and their families safe. Dennis and his business partner Jennifer G. Lownik are the authors of “What To Know Do And Say To Be Safe: A Woman’s Guide To Personal Safety“. Dennis shared his secret to adding value to the relationships he has built while networking for IM-SAFE. Watch the video here:

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Safety for Women in Workplace Environments [PODCAST]

The mind is the most powerful tool to protect oneself. This week’s guest for Impact Teams Radio show is Dennis E. Golden — the CEO of IM-SAFE, and he talks about personal safety for women in workplace environments. He stresses that women are more prone to danger than men. This inspired him to focus his efforts on teaching and training women how to handle potentially dangerous situations. As a certified personal security specialist, he uses his leadership training experience in equipping and empowering women with ways on how to properly prevent and react to workplace violence, corporate bullying, verbal abuse, […]

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IM-SAFE® on WTIC Fox CT (5/9/13)

Dennis Golden is the CEO of IM-SAFE, which teaches women and children self defense. On May 9, 2013 he joined the morning extra along with WTIC Fox CT anchor Erika Arias as well as IM-SAFE VP & defense instructor Jennifer Lownik and Ava, a second grader, to demonstrate defense methods women and children can use to protect themselves. Watch the video: Self-defense tips: When we are talking with young children, we find that parents are great at arming children with safety tips such as fire safety, bike safety and wearing seat belts, however, they fall short when it comes to […]

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IM-SAFE® on “Fox & Friends” (3/12/13)

IM-SAFE’s Executive Vice President Jennifer G. Lownik appeared on the March 12th Fox&Friends segment “Should lawmakers decide how you defend yourself from attack?” about an exchange between a Colorado lawmaker and a rape victim at a gun control hearing. Watch the video below:

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IM-SAFE® on “Fox & Friends” (2/20/13)

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson welcomes IM-SAFE’s Executive Vice President Jennifer G. Lownik to the “Fox & Friends” segment “Whistles, not guns to protect women” (2/20/13). Watch the video below:

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Preventing Domestic Abuse

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dennis Golden Executive Director 860-651-9611 IM-SAFE® INSTITUTE MAKES OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT AND OFFERS PROGRAMS FOR THE PREVENTION OF DOMESTIC ABUSE Simsbury, CT – February 14, 2013 – The IM-SAFE® Institute makes an official announcement of its new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. According to Dennis Golden, Executive Director, the Institute’s mission is to provide women, and those they love, with the means to stand tall against abuse from a partner, a workplace bully or sexual predator. Jennifer Lownik, Avon resident is the president of the Simsbury based IM-SAFE Institute and has spent more than a decade […]

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Abuse & Advice: Resource Guide on Domestic Violence

Abuse & Advice: An Online Resource Guide on Domestic Violence What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence refers to a pattern of behavior that is used to gain or maintain control over an intimate partner. Many people think of physical violence when they hear this term, but domestic violence also includes sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional and mental abuse, and verbal abuse. Physical abuse involves hitting, punching, kicking, biting, and other physical behaviors used to control a partner. Sexual abuse refers to several different behaviors. Sexually abusive partners may force their partners to have sex or insist that their partners dress […]

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Stopping The Violence

For decades, media writers, directors and producers have told us that the violent content they create is harmless. We are told that in spite of the glamour and impact what we see, read and hear regarding violence, program content plays no part in making us a more violent society. Today the mantra of “if it bleeds it leads” is the marketing brass ring for every news outlet struggling for market share. Endless descriptions and repeated video coverage on “how it’s done” often produces copycat incidents. When kids played games like Cowboys and Indians, for example, the portrayal of media violence […]

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