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Before You Carry Pepper Spray

Hi Dennis and Jen, I live in a safe neighborhood and always careful when traveling or shopping. Not long ago, as I was getting my car, I was suddenly and brutally attacked  from behind by a large male in his late 20’s or early 30’s.   I am a professional 45 year old married woman who thought I was prepared. Spraying him with a can a pepper spray I was shocked when he simply turned his head and kept coming.  A tall thin man he hit me repeatedly with his fists. I don’t know how I got there but when I […]

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The Dangerous Thing Women Do

Depending on location, time of day or the time of year, the outcome of your actions can be life threatening. This is not something that may happen to you.  This is something that will happen to you and to everyone you love.   Fortunately, a bit of planning and preparation can dramatically change the outcome of your unplanned adventure. How many times have you seen a family member jump in a car and leave the house with little or no money, no coat or cell phone?  How many times have you seen a member of your family “ just run out […]

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The Paradox of Women’s Self-Defense

HI DENNIS AND JEN, I wanted to share this story with you. I was living in San Francisco with a friend having left my hometown to be out on my own. One day I met a man while at a cafe. He made me feel very comfortable and we began a conversation. Knowing I was new to the area he suggested visiting Golden Gate Park. When we got on the bus, the first thing I should have noticed, (first warning) was the bus driver kept looking in his rear view mirror at us. When we got off the bus, the driver […]

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Criminal Attack Foiled by Blinds

A while back Susan W. discovered that words and attitude matter. Stopping a crime before it happens is always better than trying to come up with a plan while facing an attacker. Here is her personal story. Hi Dennis and Jen: I agree on the confronting and yelling.  I came home from work one night at around 2 a.m. and went right to bed. I lie there in bed and started falling asleep and then heard a noise outside my bedroom window. I listened intently until I determined that someone was opening the window. There were blinds over the window […]

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Learn How To Use Defensive Communication

Its always fun when we get a letter like this… Hi Dennis and Jen. Not long ago many people thought it was odd for a woman to be a police officer, a plumber or fire fighter.  Stranger still was the thought that women could fly military aircraft or drive trucks. That got me thinking … what allows some women to accomplish their goals while others struggle or live in fear?  To me the answer is obvious. Successful women know when you deal with men and life in general you must think of yourself as an equal competitor. Women need to know what […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

If anything can go wrong, it usually happens while you are away on vacation. So here a few preventative measures that can keep your home safe while on vacation: Short of fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of a property than leaking water. It is estimated that 65% of property damage is caused by water leaking from failing pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures and appliances. Before you leave, turn off the water supply to items like washing machines, bathrooms and more. Ask a friend or relative to check your house while you are away. Give them a key so […]

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Sexual Assaults On College Campus

We were  recently working with an audience of about 100 women at an exclusive private high school in New England.  Every student confidently believed they could handle any challenge they might face on a college campus. As with every other group of young women, it is always interesting to watch the change in attitude as we discussed the facts of college life.  Facts like 100% of colleges have incidents of sexual assault.   Prior to the start of the workshop not one of these young women realized that from the time they enter college in September to when they come home […]

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We Can Still Be Friends

Hi Folks I had been dating this guy for the past two years and finally decided a few months ago to end our relationship.  He was pretty upset about it and said that we were meant to be together.  He has gotten real creepy since the break-up. I now find notes on my car and often see him following me at a distance.  He has also started to call me on the phone at all hours of the day. I keep telling him to stop l but he doesn’t listen.  I am freaking out what can I do? Help … […]

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Police Still Laughing At This One

One of our women’s self defense students recently sent this story to us. It’s a fun read and great lesson. Hi Dennis and Jen –  I was home alone the other day catching up on a few things and heard  the back door near my kitchen open and then close. Thinking it was a gust of wind, I turned and looked.   We live in an old New England farmhouse that is surrounded by fields and forest so I shocked to see a total stranger standing in my kitchen. My first reaction was a polite, “Can I help you?”   The rather large […]

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For Women Only?

When it comes to your personal safety, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Avoiding potential pitfalls is the best way to stay safe. To that point, road warrior Sandy Long recently sent us this advice about highway safety and pre-planning. Hi Folks: My job has me constantly traveling the highways and byways.  Recently, I have been observing a new a phenomenon – more and more women (and men) standing outside of their cars talking on their cell phones, waiting for help.  So what is going on?  It appears that lots of folks are waiting way too long between […]

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