Our satisfied clients say it best!

All who participate in our classes, workshops
and trainings think they are very worthwhile.

Here are a few quotes from our attendees:


Girls Strike Back℠ class provides you with self defense techniques that are easy to remember and easy to execute!

—N. Nardi, Concur Program Administrator


Awesome class and would recommend it for all women! We were taught different and effective self-defense techniques that if we have to use (hopefully not) will be very beneficial.

—L. Williams, Executive Assistant


I recommend all women take this class. We learned useful and easy techniques to fend off attackers. The instructors were excellent and allowed us to practice what they preached. It is definitely worth the two hours of your time to attend. You will be glad you did.

—D. Starkel, EHS Coordinator


WOW — a whole different way of looking at personal safety. I had taken similar classes and after this class realized how vulnerable I still was.

—B. Butcher, Executive Assistant


Every woman should take this class! The instructors were excellent — they made it easy to follow and the hands-on participation reinforced the training. I would like to see a refresher course offered annually.

—C. Truss-Braithwaite, Sr. Business Analyst


The class was a lot of fun and very hands-on. I liked that we played the attacker-victim game which allowed us to practice. After the class, I have become more aware of and careful in my surroundings; and I mastered the strategies of fighting back or getting away in a given situation. I highly recommend this class. When you look back, you will be glad you did.

—O. Akindele-Alo, SLP-Supplier Diversity Program and Purchased Components


This class has given me back some self confidence I was lacking. I’ve always been afraid of being alone and now I’m not.

—B. Nigro, Executive Assistant


An absolute pleasure to work with. I first met Dennis after attending his Girls Strike Back℠ class. I was so impressed with his knowledge, techniques and ease of the program. I immediately wanted every woman I knew and their daughters to attend this class and began offering all of Dennis’s programs to my corporate clients and their employees. The empowerment one obtains from his lectures and hands on classes most definitely helps keep you aware and prepared for any possible encounters.

—Affinity Marketing Director, East Coast Insurance Co.


This training is a must for any Pharmaceutical sales rep. My territory includes some rough neighborhoods and I used to be nervous about making some of my routine calls. About two months after the training I used the “In Touch” drill on a suspicious person and he simply walked away. Now I tell everyone I know about your course!

—Senior Sales Associate, Chicago, Illinois


I used to think I was pretty alert to my surroundings and could overcome just about anything. What really grabbed my attention were the stories you shared about actual incidents. They really reinforced the point and made me evaluate my body language and awareness in a whole new way!

—Field Sales Representative, New York, NY


The evaluations from your Sales Rep Safety seminar have been trickling in. Feedback has been wonderful… your presentation left our employees wanting more!

—VP Sales, NJ Based Pharmaceutical Company


Dennis engages his audience with content rich scenarios. Everything is “solution driven”. An expert personal security specialist, he incorporates humor and real life experiences and anecdotes to make the very serious subject of personal security one that everyone can easily relate to and apply to their daily lives.

—Client Quote