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Preventing Domestic Abuse



Contact: Dennis Golden
Executive Director


Simsbury, CT – February 14, 2013 – The IM-SAFE® Institute makes an official announcement of its new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. According to Dennis Golden, Executive Director, the Institute’s mission is to provide women, and those they love, with the means to stand tall against abuse from a partner, a workplace bully or sexual predator.

Jennifer Lownik, Avon resident is the president of the Simsbury based IM-SAFE Institute and has spent more than a decade working with women both in and out of the workplace. “It was obvious a new solution was needed. Women kept telling us that they needed more than support groups, legal assistance and shelters. While these are important first steps, we saw the need to reduce the need for victim assistance by reducing the number of potential victims.” She continued. “Prevention and education are the keys that are so often overlooked.” According to Lownik too often women remain trapped in a never-ending cycle of dependency and ongoing abuse. To help stem the tide, the IM-SAFE Institute offers hands-on training and empowerment workshops to women in urban, suburban and rural communities.

These seminars and workshops provide women with a full spectrum of conflict resolution solutions. Many of the techniques are counter intuitive and show women how to successfully disengage from potential threats with little or no harm to themselves using a wide range of skills. Should it be necessary, women also learn how to control a man’s hands and hips to end an encounter. Regardless of size or physical strength, women can end a confrontation on their terms.

IM-SAFE Institute board members include Simsbury residents Laird Mortimer, Jonas Strimaitis and Evelyn Golden. Other members include George Leeper of North Granby and newest board member Pam Horton of Windsor Locks.

The U.S Department of Justice reports that approximately 2 million women are impacted by domestic violence each year and adds … with more than 27% of all cases not being reported the actual number of incidents is significant.

To learn more about the IM-SAFE Institute go to or contact us at 860-651-9611 or at

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