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Safety for Women in Workplace Environments [PODCAST]

The mind is the most powerful tool to protect oneself. This week’s guest for Impact Teams Radio show is Dennis E. Golden — the CEO of IM-SAFE, and he talks about personal safety for women in workplace environments.

He stresses that women are more prone to danger than men. This inspired him to focus his efforts on teaching and training women how to handle potentially dangerous situations.

As a certified personal security specialist, he uses his leadership training experience in equipping and empowering women with ways on how to properly prevent and react to workplace violence, corporate bullying, verbal abuse, travel safety and practically all types of dangerous situations.

He shares the importance of being counter intuitive where a woman must gain physical control of herself in any situation when safety is at risk. He cited a three step process to achieve it. According to Dennis, going silent at first is an important initial reaction to avert confrontation. Listening implies that you are paying attention and trying to understand to what others are saying. Lastly, making a feedback by restructuring in your own words what others are saying can be a brilliant way of making a point. Following this process can help women communicate effectively and disengage.

Dennis stresses the importance of empathy for it helps convey the message that you are trying to help solve the problem. Learn more about women’s safety as Tony Sherman interviews Dennis Golden in this episode of Impact Teams Radio show.

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