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Self Defense – Size Doesn’t Matter

A male attacker has just approached you. He looks like he just stepped out of leading role in a gangster movie. He is 6”1’ weighs 300 lbs.  Most women and quite a few men would think, “ How could I ever win against this guy?”

Now envision another scene. Imagine that same guy grabbing and trying to hold on to a live squirrel.  I don’t know about you but I will put my bet that the 2lb rodent will win every time.

What makes one of the cutest animals on the planet such a worthy opponent against an attacker outweighing him by over 298 lbs? You could say teeth and claws but there is something else going on here.

Our squirrel instinctively knows it’s fighting for its life and therefore targets every vulnerable area it can reach.  Put a hand in the way and it is viciously attacked. Put your face near it and you could easily lose a nose or worse.  The squirrel does not care what the attacker looks like or how big he is. He’s not concerned about social implications or consequences of attacking. Our squirrel does not wait to see what an attacker has in mind. He instantly begins an all out attack.

So if a 2-pound creature can fight off a large attacker, it makes perfect sense that young girl or woman would have a better chance if they reacted like our squirrel. So why don’t they?

Humans are naturally adverse to violence.  We avoid it at all causes! Unfortunately when we are attacked, we tend to respond politely. The key for every woman is to respond to a real attack quickly and be able to walk away when you are ready. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fight back, fight like a squirrel! Be fast, furious and determined to win no matter what!  If you do, chances are you will be able to tell your loved ones, “I AM SAFE!”

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