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Sexual Assault – Reduce Your Odds

At IM-SAFE we have long stressed the importance of building a woman’s self-confidence by teaching a combination of critical verbal resistance skills along with last resort physical techniques. The following study provides additional insight University of Oregon sociologist Jocelyn Hollander designed a study that looked at the outcomes for 117 college students who took a self-defense course at their university, versus a control group of 169 students who did not. Out of all of those students, 75 from the original group and 108 from the control group agreed to take part in a follow-up interview. Although the study was not […]

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Women Regaining Confidence

Dear IM-Safe.  My name is Sarah and I am a domestic violence survivor.  I’ve been out of my abusive relationship for 3 years now and actively involved in a number of victim support programs.  My question is, why do I still feel like a victim? I feel like I’m still somehow living in the shadows of my past.  What can I do to move past this once and for all?  I know I will always have the memories but how do victims get our confidence back? Sarah – Congratulations for leaving your unfortunate situation and furthermore making it your mission […]

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