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Sexual Assault – Reduce Your Odds

At IM-SAFE we have long stressed the importance of building a woman’s self-confidence by teaching a combination of critical verbal resistance skills along with last resort physical techniques. The following study provides additional insight University of Oregon sociologist Jocelyn Hollander designed a study that looked at the outcomes for 117 college students who took a self-defense course at their university, versus a control group of 169 students who did not. Out of all of those students, 75 from the original group and 108 from the control group agreed to take part in a follow-up interview. Although the study was not […]

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Preventing Domestic Abuse

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dennis Golden Executive Director 860-651-9611 IM-SAFE® INSTITUTE MAKES OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT AND OFFERS PROGRAMS FOR THE PREVENTION OF DOMESTIC ABUSE Simsbury, CT – February 14, 2013 – The IM-SAFE® Institute makes an official announcement of its new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. According to Dennis Golden, Executive Director, the Institute’s mission is to provide women, and those they love, with the means to stand tall against abuse from a partner, a workplace bully or sexual predator. Jennifer Lownik, Avon resident is the president of the Simsbury based IM-SAFE Institute and has spent more than a decade […]

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Abuse & Advice: Resource Guide on Domestic Violence

Abuse & Advice: An Online Resource Guide on Domestic Violence What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence refers to a pattern of behavior that is used to gain or maintain control over an intimate partner. Many people think of physical violence when they hear this term, but domestic violence also includes sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional and mental abuse, and verbal abuse. Physical abuse involves hitting, punching, kicking, biting, and other physical behaviors used to control a partner. Sexual abuse refers to several different behaviors. Sexually abusive partners may force their partners to have sex or insist that their partners dress […]

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Engage Don’t Enrage

When faced with someone who is verbally abusive, our normal reaction is to either defend ourselves by speaking up or breaking eye contact and backing down. Either one of these approaches can escalate the encounter. So if speaking up or turning the other cheek are not good options, what should you do when faced with verbal aggression? Go silent while making direct eye contact with the aggressor. This will give you time to think and plan how you will react. During your silent period, listen carefully to what is being said. Nod as the person speaks. Keep your facial expressions […]

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Preventing Domestic Abuse … Using Monkey Logic

Have you ever watched someone eat banana? Most will start at the “pop top” and try to break it free. The process can be quite messy. And yet with our higher intelligence we keep doing the same thing over and over again – hoping the outcome will be better the next time around. Now go to a local zoo and watch the monkeys for a while. You will see that monkeys turn the banana upside down (to our way of thinking) and open from the “bottom end” and finish it off quickly — without mess or fuss. How many of […]

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Stand TALL Against Abuse

Falling victim to assault or criminal attack is a devastating experience. Currently you might be the target of ongoing domestic violence, bullying or stalking. Perhaps the memories of past events are still with you today. Then again you could be feeling the impacts of physical or emotional abuse in the life of someone close to you. Regardless of your personal circumstances, the road to rebuilding trust and self-confidence can be a long and lonely journey. Survivors and thrivers often turn to national or regional organizations to request services ranging from counseling and legal assistance to sanctuary in a sheltered residence. […]

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You Should Carry Pepper Spray

“Why? Because it works …and that’s why police officers carry it every day,” said Dennis Golden, CEO of IM-SAFE®, a Simsbury based business focused on Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe℠. Just look at what users say: “I can personally attest to the effectiveness of law enforcement level pepper spray – it is the most devastatingly effective chemical agent I have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. Whether quelling a disturbance or jogging after work I carry it with me all the time.” “In my experience, a quality pepper spray has proven to be extremely effective against very hostile […]

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You’re Being Stalked … Now What?

The recently released 2011 Intimate Partner Abuse study conducted by the Center for Disease Control tells us that 1 out of every 6 women are stalked annually in the United States. So what can you do if you find yourself as a target of a stalker? • Clearly and firmly tell the stalker to leave you alone. Do not engage in any type of negotiation • Keep a log of all incidents – include time, date, what happened and any witnesses • Make multiple copies of any restraining order and keep a copy with you at all times • Keep […]

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You can never completely protect yourself from sexual assault, however you can reduce your risk by doing the following: Develop a plan. Any plan you develop in advance (even if it is not the exact match for what happens) will be better than any plan you try to put together under stress. Having a game plan in place before you need one puts you ahead of the curve by giving you a starting point. Be aware. Know how you will react when your instinct says “something is not right.” Never ignore your intuition. Conquer Fear. Predators try to control victims […]

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Keeping An Eye Out For Sneakers ?

In response to our recent posting on the The Dangerous Thing Women Do, Sandy Long, author and professional long haul driver sent this back to us. We wanted to share her insights. 
“Because I travel to many locations, some of which can be questionable, I am often asked is “how do you know your are in a ‘bad’ neighborhood?” 
 First it’s important to remember that criminal activity can happen anywhere. Some things to watch for are: protective gates on doors or windows, empty buildings and gang graffiti. When you combine that with people just standing around, chances are you […]

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