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IM-SAFE® on WTIC Fox CT (5/9/13)

Dennis Golden is the CEO of IM-SAFE, which teaches women and children self defense. On May 9, 2013 he joined the morning extra along with WTIC Fox CT anchor Erika Arias as well as IM-SAFE VP & defense instructor Jennifer Lownik and Ava, a second grader, to demonstrate defense methods women and children can use to protect themselves. Watch the video: Self-defense tips: When we are talking with young children, we find that parents are great at arming children with safety tips such as fire safety, bike safety and wearing seat belts, however, they fall short when it comes to […]

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You can never completely protect yourself from sexual assault, however you can reduce your risk by doing the following: Develop a plan. Any plan you develop in advance (even if it is not the exact match for what happens) will be better than any plan you try to put together under stress. Having a game plan in place before you need one puts you ahead of the curve by giving you a starting point. Be aware. Know how you will react when your instinct says “something is not right.” Never ignore your intuition. Conquer Fear. Predators try to control victims […]

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Keeping An Eye Out For Sneakers ?

In response to our recent posting on the The Dangerous Thing Women Do, Sandy Long, author and professional long haul driver sent this back to us. We wanted to share her insights. 
“Because I travel to many locations, some of which can be questionable, I am often asked is “how do you know your are in a ‘bad’ neighborhood?” 
 First it’s important to remember that criminal activity can happen anywhere. Some things to watch for are: protective gates on doors or windows, empty buildings and gang graffiti. When you combine that with people just standing around, chances are you […]

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The Dangerous Thing Women Do

Depending on location, time of day or the time of year, the outcome of your actions can be life threatening. This is not something that may happen to you.  This is something that will happen to you and to everyone you love.   Fortunately, a bit of planning and preparation can dramatically change the outcome of your unplanned adventure. How many times have you seen a family member jump in a car and leave the house with little or no money, no coat or cell phone?  How many times have you seen a member of your family “ just run out […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

If anything can go wrong, it usually happens while you are away on vacation. So here a few preventative measures that can keep your home safe while on vacation: Short of fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of a property than leaking water. It is estimated that 65% of property damage is caused by water leaking from failing pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures and appliances. Before you leave, turn off the water supply to items like washing machines, bathrooms and more. Ask a friend or relative to check your house while you are away. Give them a key so […]

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We Can Still Be Friends

Hi Folks I had been dating this guy for the past two years and finally decided a few months ago to end our relationship.  He was pretty upset about it and said that we were meant to be together.  He has gotten real creepy since the break-up. I now find notes on my car and often see him following me at a distance.  He has also started to call me on the phone at all hours of the day. I keep telling him to stop l but he doesn’t listen.  I am freaking out what can I do? Help … […]

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Police Still Laughing At This One

One of our women’s self defense students recently sent this story to us. It’s a fun read and great lesson. Hi Dennis and Jen –  I was home alone the other day catching up on a few things and heard  the back door near my kitchen open and then close. Thinking it was a gust of wind, I turned and looked.   We live in an old New England farmhouse that is surrounded by fields and forest so I shocked to see a total stranger standing in my kitchen. My first reaction was a polite, “Can I help you?”   The rather large […]

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I Can’t Seem To Figure Out Why Women Hesitate When It Comes To Self-Defense

I see it every week.  A new group of nervous students walk cautiously into a room and look around.  They signed up for this self-defense class. It’s something they wanted to do for years, and now suddenly the opportunity is right in front of them. It’s funny how signing up for the class and actually standing in the class suddenly becomes two very different things.  The conversations are hushed.  There are a few giggles and the questions start to sound something like “Have you ever taken anything like this before?” or “ I wonder what we’re going to have to do!” or my personal […]

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Personal Safety Tips For Senior Women

While the greatest numbers of assaults are committed against women ages 16 to 55, elderly women make a serious mistake if they believe they are immune from sexual assault. Magnets for Bad Guys It is part of human nature to prefer predictable routines. Unfortunately for elderly women living alone, predictable routines are a roadmap to danger as they can be easily spotted by a criminal. The daily noon exercise classes, the regular trip to the bank or the weekly night out to the play cards with friends are exactly the kinds of triggers a predator looks for while seeking out victims. Breaking the Cycle To be safe […]

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Ever Feel Like You Are Unprepared?

If so you are not alone. So here are a few ideas from just one of our IM-SAFE℠ women’s personal safety workshops. Prepare: At the beginning of this workshop we distribute a form that asks women what they would do in 10 different situations ranging from an assault on their person to a home invasion. The choices are (a) I know what to do (b) I don’t know what to do (c) I am unsure.  Almost without exception all 10 questions are answered (c) I am unsure.  At the end of the 90 minute workshop attendees answer the same questions […]

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