Hands-On Workshops
Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe℠

Hands-on workshops include:

Girls Strike Back®

Think about the women you know. Now consider one in four will be assaulted or attacked during their lifetime. You can put the odds in your favor by learning how to effectively Strike Back®. Today, women are looking for realistic defense programs that can be learned quickly and more importantly remembered under stress. This non-martial arts workshop is like nothing you’ve seen before and is a method you will not forget. If you can remember “stop, drop and roll” you can learn a method of defense that can get you out of just about any situation. GSB (Girls Strike Back®) […] READ MORE »

Law Enforcement Level Defensive Spray Workshop For Civilians

Until recently private citizens could not take advantage of law enforcement level training to protect themselves using defensive sprays. Now, IM-SAFE® in cooperation with SABRE®, the world leader and manufacturer in defensive sprays have teamed up to provide a comprehensive workshop designed to keep you (and those you love) safe. Protect yourself with the same product used by the N.Y.P.D., the U.S. Border Patrol, and countless other law enforcement organizations worldwide. Whether you are male or female, a homemaker or commuter, you now have a viable and proven non-lethal form of self-defense at your fingertips. This hands-on self-defense training is […] READ MORE »

Senior Safety/Cane Defense

A cane is a self defense tool that can be brought into any environment and is highly effective in deterring an attack on your person. Unlike many systems requiring extensive training and strength, the approach taught by IM-SAFE® can be learned quickly and used effectively even by those with diminished physical ability. A cane regardless of configuration is hard to defend against when used properly. This workshop also covers street smarts and cyber safety for seniors.

Disarming/Weapons of Opportunity

Every day we are surrounded by a variety of objects that can be used to defend ourselves from an attacker. This workshop explores the various items that can be used as to extend our reach or act as force multipliers. The program also covers multiple methods to subdue an attacker. This workshop reviews “last resort options” and covers various ways to disarm a determined attacker.

Concealed Carry/Armed Self Defense

For those who are comfortable with or feel the need for defensive firearms training we offer a variety of programs including certification for state concealed carry permits. Nationally accredited firearm instructor certifications are also available.