Girls Strike Back®

Think about the women you know. Now consider one in four will be assaulted or attacked during their lifetime. You can put the odds in your favor by learning how to effectively Strike Back®.

Today, women are looking for realistic defense programs that can be learned quickly and more importantly remembered under stress. This non-martial arts workshop is like nothing you’ve seen before and is a method you will not forget. If you can remember “stop, drop and roll” you can learn a method of defense that can get you out of just about any situation.

GSB (Girls Strike Back®) is specifically designed for women ages 13 and up. In 90 minutes you learn some of the most effective techniques women can use to defend against a realistic assault. This is not the old worn-out advice you already know like “kick him in the groin” or “carry your keys and walk aggressively.” Rather, women learn how to use their most powerful weapons (their legs) against a male attacker.

Girls Strike Back® Workshops are designed for women of all ages and physical abilities. Here women learn a holistic approach that teaches them to use ALL of their feminine assets to level the playing field. Here you will learn how to overcome a challenge from a common street encounter or social encounter to bullying — anywhere an unwanted approach occurs.

This initial program can stand alone or can be followed with three additional sessions that reinforce a system of self defense. Upon completion women leave with the knowledge and confidence to defend themselves against the most common types of attacks.