Standard Workshops
IM-SAFE offers both standard or fully customized workshops and seminars to meet the needs of our clients.

Standard workshops include:

Personal Safety for Women In Sales

Women now dominate fields such as sales, media, entertainment, nursing, health care, travel and more. This seminar explores the unique challenges faced by women in sales and all women in public contact positions.

Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Orders of protection and fleeing a violent domestic environment may not be enough. Learn ways to defuse encounters using a wide range of options including whit, humor, deception and, if necessary, force to escape.

Cyber Safety

With over 100 million people accessing services like Facebook™ daily it is important to learn how you can become the human firewall for your family and career.

Travel Safety/Street Smarts/Auto Safety

Learn what you can do to protect yourself when traveling. It doesn’t matter how far your travel or your mode of transportation. Let us show you some interesting ways to keep yourself and loved ones safe while away from home.

Creating a Respectful Workplace (Employers)

While over 18,000 reported incidents of workplace violence are reported weekly, all too often companies will wait until an incident of violence occurs at their location before taking action. Learn what you can do in advance to reduce the chances of an unfortunate incident in your workplace.

Understanding and Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (Employers)

Each year more than 52 million American workers are bullied in the workplace. Most victims are women. Workplace bullies are often unknowingly supported by management and even Human Resources. Learn how to identify the signs and learn what you can do to make your workplace a safe environment for all.