What To Know, Do and Say To Be Safe℠In Work, At Play, In Life

IM-SAFE®, LLC is a training and education firm specializing in personal safety and security programs and workshops. Private groups, corporations and associations concerned about employee or member safety both in and out of the workplace turn to IM-SAFE® for realistic solutions.


IM-SAFE® workshops and seminars serve diversified industries including entertainment, media, sales, pharmaceutical, hospitality, real estate, health care, nursing and more. Clients choose from standard workshops or request custom programs tailored to meet specific industry needs.


Rather than focusing exclusively on the use of physical force, IM-SAFE® shows a range of realistic and easy to remember approaches that first attempt to de-escalate or avoid a potential situation. If initial attempts are unsuccessful, students learn how to use highly effective physical force options to end an encounter.


Employees trained in self-defense exhibit higher confidence levels, are highly motivated, self-reliant and willing to assume additional responsibilities. Empowered, educated, self-confident employees become your human firewall and are often your first line of defense. This new-found confidence also results in decreased absenteeism, reduced turnover rates and less dependence on company sponsored medical programs.